Research Equipment

The research and teaching rooms of the Faculty of Technical Physics are located at the main PUT University Campus. The Faculty has at its disposal modern rooms, which are equipped with the newest audiovisual equipment. Specialized study is conducted in the scientific laboratories, which have the modern and unique scientific equipment with the computer steering and computer recording and analysis of the experimental data. The existing laboratories have been made according to the owns’ projects and their technological level is comparable with those of well-established laboratories in Europe. The most important scientific units are:

  • Different sets with changeable one-mode lasers, of the non-stop work/continuous wave/ used in the laser spectroscopy of very high resolution capacity,

Dye lase of laser continuous wave

  • Research sets using the technique of the double microwave-optical resonance for the research on the free atoms and ions for the needs of the quantum engineering and atom spectroscopy, part of which are:
    1. The equipment to manufacture the stream of the free atoms of the metals of very high temperature of evaporation,

    2. The equipment for manufacturing atom stream

    3. The equipment for research upon the free ions in the 3 dimensional and linear traps (electromagnetical Paul’s trap),

    4. Pauls trap of a radius of 2 centimeters

  • Scanning probe microscope for the operation in the ultra-high vacuum,

Ultrahigh vacuum scanning probe microscope (STM/AFM)

  • Scanning tunnel microscopes working in the surrounding conditions – in the rooms temperature

  • Sets for measuring Raman and Brillouin light dispersion within the temperature of 4,2-600 K

Spectrometer for Raman’s scattering of the light

Spectrometer for Brillouin’s scattering of the light

  • Modern spectrometers for registration of the absorption in the Electromagnetic spectrum, fluorescence, photoacustic in the electromagnetic spectrum and separate in time photothermic electromagnetic spectrum

  • The equipement for obtaing Langmuirs’ and Langmuira-Blodgetts’ films

The set for manufacturing and characteristics of molecular Langmuir layers

  • Fluorescence spectroscope PerkinElmer LS55 enabling to measure the fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemical and bio-fluorescence in the natural and polarized light in the temperatures 273-373 K and in the temperature of the liquid nitrogen.

Spektrofluorymetr PerkinElmer LS 55